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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finally, a break in the wind.

After a week of strong winds, here is a shot showing the weather at the launch this morning, along with the usual well wishers.

This is all you would see and only for a second or two because the clouds rolled in as soon as I arrived at the first stop. LOTS of redfish but you could only see them when they tipped up. The wind has whipped up the mud and most spots are very murky.

After catching a few, a slight breeze kicked up so I went to a second spot I had wanted to check out. I arrived and ate lunch without seeing much going on so I let the breeze move the boat and began seeing astounding numbers of redfish. There were so many that I did not need to pole, I just stood on the bow and cast the fly at tailing pods and singles, catching and releasing several on a crab pattern.
After one broke me off, I decided to try top water and tied on one of John Pilmer's deer hair dahlbergs. He spins a mean deer hair bug. A big red was cruising about 40 feet from the boat. A couple of strips and he slowly came up, and out of the water, trying to slurp in the fly, twice. He missed, but he had me laughing. I don't use topwater flys enough.

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