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Friday, March 20, 2009

How did I get so lucky this week?

One of the best things about this endeavor is guiding clients who are here to catch their first Redfish on the fly. Can't really call it a job.

If you follow the blog, you read about Vance's success on Monday, catching not only his first, but also his second Redfish on the fly. Yesterday, Paul drove down from Corpus Christi on a similar quest. He is from Dallas, meandering along the coast with his kayak, and decided to get in a real boat.

We spooked some fish at the first couple stops but they were not tailing or, otherwise, showing themselves and the sun was not up enough to sight fish. We moved into the back bay that was so good earlier in the week.

We skipped across water that was only inches deep and shut down in a deeper part that was about a foot deep. The water was crystal clear and there was not another boat in sight.

We began to see numbers of fish in singles and small pods. Paul's first fish took him well into his backing. A couple of other fish fooled us on the take and we pulled the fly. On his second hookup, a fish aggressively ate the fly and we boated a nice 24 inch fish. I think Paul is hooked and will be back in the fall for more.

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