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Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Bit of a Break

Yesterday we finally got a break in the "line dance" of multiple fronts moving through that gave us a north wind up to 40 one day, and a south wind up to 40 the next. It kicked up again in the afternoon, but it was dead calm in the morning.

The brown shrimp hatch is in full swing and they are popping on the surface "en mass". Much of the water is muddy on the west side as a result of the strong, changing winds but I found a few areas with clarity and good numbers of fish. When the wind came up, I moved to the east side and found nothing on the sands. Further north and in very shallow water off the sands, I found a gang of redfish and caught several.

The wind is back as another front approaches. It will be some time before the spoil islands will clear up. Typical for spring.

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