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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Something Different

Mike H. was down for a couple of days of fishing and after a day of redfishing the weather looked good for going out to the jetties and down Boca Chica beach to hunt for tarpon. When your office is a 17 ft. Maverick, you have to pick your days for going outside the jetties.

Mike caught a small pompano and snapper but no tarpon were found. We had decided to leave and go up the ship channel to chase snook and as we moved into the jetties we came up to a large bait ball. I cast into them several times and on the third or forth cast a Kingfish came out of nowhere and grabbed the fly and took off toward Cuba. I was fishing a 10 weight set up for snook, so it had a light fluorocarbon bite tippet. Fortunately, the hook was in the corner of his mouth and after a nice tug, we got him to the boat.

I took Mike to one of my favorite places to fish for snappers. We spent a few hours and only caught a small one. Just before we decided to call it a day, I changed flys and Mike hooked up to a nice one.

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