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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cold, Cloudy, and a North Wind.

The title conditions are a sight fishing nightmare. Vance had come down from north Texas to stay at the Kingfisher Inn and booked a fly fishing trip for one day, hoping to catch his first Redfish on the fly. It was looking bleak.
I took him to a couple of spots that I had some hope of seeing tails or some indication that something was under the cloud covered surface. Nothing. We made a stop at a channel and made some casts for trout while we waited and hoped the clouds would break up, as forcasted. After a number of casts, he came tight to a respectable trout. OK, but that's not exactly what he came for.
About noon, the clouds started to break and we left for a back bay that I was a little worried would not have enough water for us to shut down. We ended up in water about a foot deep and crystal clear with an abundance of Redfish. The breeze was still out of the north so to see the fish with the sun at the right angle, Vance had to make difficult casts into the wind. He was successful on two occasions and had redfish aggressively eat the fly.
What started out as an "iffy" situation, became his first, (and second), redfish on the fly. Good job, Vance.

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