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Friday, June 19, 2009

Royal Tern

I don't usually write much. Instead, I usually let the photos, like this one, tell the story.

Unfortunately, I was fishing alone today and that makes taking photos a bit difficult. You really have to decide to take pictures or fish and it helps to have someone who can hold the fish. So, here is the fishing report, sans photos.

It was windy, so I set up on some spots I could drift, or pole only to correct the drift, and used a spinning rod. The location that I took the tailing redfish shots a few weeks ago is still holding fish. I caught two redfish on a single drift and moved on.

As I neared the spoil islands and the cut that I usually use to slip through to the intercoastal, the water became the color of chocolate milk. I noticed a few birds working so I set up and caught a couple of trout before they dispersed. I don't know how a fish can see anything in that muck!

Further north, I drifted a mangrove line where the water was crystal clear and saw several fish but couldn't get the push pole in my belt and the spinning rod out in a timely manner. One spot had about 7 or 8 fish laying up in a sandy area about 6 inches deep. I got a cast to them but something spooked them. They exploded and scattered.

One last location gave up a redfish and a trout before I headed back. I never even made it over to the sands.

I just got a SB600 flash for my Nikon D200. Bad light shots should improve, assuming I can learn how to use the thing. Along with the cameras, these things have become just as complicated.

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