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Monday, May 21, 2012

1700 Miles

I have inserted a map of the intended route below.  I plan on several stops, camping along the way, only needing to be in Tampa a week later to meet up with my wife who will fly in.  Then we will both make the last leg of the trip to Islamorada.
I have new hubs, tires and wheels on the boat trailer and a complete spare hub, just in case.  Burning up a hub is my worst fear and the most likely mini disaster so I have compensated the best I can.  Getting the boat or any components, like engine, lower unit etc. stolen is why I will be camping along the way.  Sleeping right next to the boat.
I won't bore you with the "packing list" but I think I'm covered.  A few nights camping will reveal any slip ups. Next post I'll show you the modifications to the truck and what it all looks like going down the road.

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